Who are we?

In Morocco, Mutandis Auto is the exclusive national importer of the brands Seat (Volkswagen Group), Honda (including motorcycles and other products of the range), and Ferrari (Fiat Group).

Mutandis Auto sells directly to private individuals in the cities of Casablanca, and Tangiers, and distributes via third party dealerships in the other cities of the Kingdom. In total, the national distribution network counts 16 points of sale and 11 cities.

Mutandis Auto’s market share of privately-owned cars newly registered on the Moroccan market ranges from 2 to 2.5 %.

In Casablanca, Mutandis Auto has a high quality technical car maintenance centre which serves as a display that gauges for the quality of service and customer care deployed for all three brands.

Our ambition

The automobile equipment rate of Moroccan households remains particularly low (only 17.4% of urban households and 5.9% of rural households own cars). Acces to mobility in general, and to a privately-owned car in particular, represents a key ambition for the emerging middle classe in Morocco.

Mutandis Auto aims at growing in line with the development of new car registrations, thanksto the quality of the three brands it distributes, the excellence of its after-sale service, and the footprint of its national network.

Mutandis Auto will also grow with the development of -an official and well-organized used car distribution, which is an emerging business in Morocco.

Finally, Mutandis Auto is carefully selecting potential car manufacturers to complete the range offered by Mutandis.