Return of the belovedchild of Honda !

The Civic 4-door, iconic model of Honda in Morocco again imported by Univers Motors.

Univers Motors, the automobile distribution arm of Mutandis Automobile, exhibited the new Honda Civic 4-door at the Salon Auto in Casablanca in may 2016.

This beautiful sedan (with a true trunk) has just been launched in the United States, where it is made, as well as in Asia.Univers Motors made it the star of the Honda stand at the show.

Generations of Honda customers owned the 4 door Civic and remained faithful to every renewal of the model. The return of this one is thus a real event.

The car grew up in this new generation and got closer to the dimensions of the Honda Accord.

It is luxuriously finished and equipped, while offering at the same time a beautiful and bold outside style.

Long life to the new Honda Civic in Morocco!

Civic Berline